Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It's a.....

GirL !!!!

We were shocked! But we're pretty excited to welcome a baby girl in May.
Bring on the bows!!
p.s. I am not currently this big (this was with Easton a 9 months!)....but it's the only belly picture I had!


  1. WHAT THE FREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????????????????????????????????????? FOR REAL!!!!!!!!! that was a secret of a life time! HOW EXCITING!!!! what the world is your number? send it to my hotmail.!!! JILL holy cow!!!!!

  2. CONGRADULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  3. Jill! It's Ally (I'm not a blog stalker lol) I read a comment on your facebook about your blog and I had no idea so I found ya lol...we have one too send me you e-mail address (txt facebook whatever) and I'll send ya an invite! and a GIRL!!! Oh so excited for you!! Congratulations!!

  4. haha I was wondering where you got this pic, because I KNOW you arent that big!

  5. I found you!!!! A girl! what's her name going to be? We have a blog too...

    update me please!