Friday, August 13, 2010

Holy Pictures...cont.

Chillin with the homies "aka" his favorite neighbor kids.

Big beautiful Wyoming sky. Hangin out when we go up to visit James.

The pose I get when I say, "east show me your new basketball shorts"

The whole fam damily, well part of it.

Two peas in a pod! East loves uncle Tay Tay.

Almost alway wants to have his boots and hat on

When mom says "Easton you're gonna fall and get stuck," she means it.

Watchin the horses race!

Eating peanuts at the ball game with grandpa

East and Dad=best buds

This kid LOVES dogs, and that is an understatement.

No explanation: these are just the kinds of things he does every day

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  1. Ok. First off what the crap is with the first picture... remove it! I demand it!! oh man, I need to make some changes in my habits!! Second I am laughing hard over the "stuck in bed rails" pic and comment... so funny. Your funny.