Monday, June 14, 2010

Grandpa and Mimie

Easton has the best grandparents ever on both sides. He's lucky to have Grandpa and Mimie Hammer so close by and sees them about every week.

I think he's pretty dang spoiled but he LOVES, LOVES his Grandpa and Mimie

Lions and Tigers and Bears... oh my!
Hangin out with Mimie

Helping Grandpa clean off the graves for Memorial Day.

Big Brown eyed boy...notice one of the many battle scars!

He's getting so stinkin big!!! Still so happy and smiley all the time though!

Obsessed with smelling everything lately...especially flowers or "Bufas" as he calls them.

These ones must have been stinky...

And these smell good...he's also obsessed with Elmo as you can see with his shirt.

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  1. Jill Oh my Heck Belle was watching Easton laugh to his favorite song and she could not stop laughing!!! AGAIN MOM AGAIN!!! OHHH EASTON!!! she kept saying! we miss you guys so much!