Monday, April 26, 2010

Farm- Town

So after the fam came up for Mer's graduation we got to follow my parents back down to Farmington to get some good Grammy and Grandad time in! It was so good to get to see and spend time with Granny Cardon also!

Easton was in HEAVEN with his cousins Cole and Noah. All he wanted to do was follow them around and play in the dirt! We loved the warm weather!

Playin in Grammy's bird bath! BUSTED!!!

Kickin back in the lawn chair...oh the life.

Noah is the NICEST older cousin ever. Easton followed him everywhere and loved every minute of it! He's still talking about Cole and Noah...

We were a bit tuckered out on the way home...what a drive. I think he gets the double chins from him mom...bummer.

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  1. Are you sure he gets the double chin from you? jk. haha! He's such a cutie!