Friday, March 5, 2010

My Little Maniac!

This boy is so funny and so smiley....just some update pictures cuz this is the beautiful face I look at all day!

Still loves the tub...

So maybe he hasn't grown into his eyeballs yet! (.....and ears) that's a clue. "hey you guys!!!"
its his sloth face from Goonies!



  1. So cute! We miss you guys so much! I love looking at all your pictures. It makes me excited to have a little boy! Love you!

  2. Seriously your comments about him growing into his ears and eyes make me laugh so hard! So he is one cutie. Can't wait to see him again!

  3. Ok, how did I NOT know that you have a blog??? And that you actually update it? I have one and I haven't updated it in several months, better luck catching pictures on facebook. Eason is the cutest and you and James don't look too bad either. Loved the pictures from Mexico-so jealous. I am dying for spring time! Miss you so much!