Wednesday, April 22, 2009

4 months old today and still grinning away!
We'll have to see what he weighs at his appt. next week!
His eyes are still HUGE dont worry. We love this kid!

Easton loves his Daddy! I've never seen a boy and his dad so in love!

Granddad Kempton came to visit this last weekend. It was way too short of a trip. He was bringing Emma back to school but it was wonderful to see him!
Easton loves him of course!

So Easton loves to read books! We read all the time. He loves this one that his Grammy Kempton got him and he's also obsessed with the Easter card she sent him that talks and plays music (even though it went off at 3 in the morning and gave me a heart attack while I was feeding him)

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  1. Give Easton a hug from his cousins and auntie and uncle!